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  • Templar Treasure Found DIGITAL BOOK

Chicago local area native Michael Droste believes he has solved the mystery of the Templar Treasure. Upon his many years of research he will prove that it is in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. TemplarTreasureFound.com Too many coincidences and too many signs have led him to this conclusion. Some of the chapter titles include:

• Chicago Connection
• Searching
• Grandmaster
• Templar Resources
• Cabins
• Norwegian Vessels
• Steel Shelter
• Hooked X Marker
• Suburban Cemetery
• Exact Location of Templar Treasure

(the names have been slightly changed, as to not give away the specific location in this article) The precise location is detailed in the book. The book contains mostly photographic proof and links to historical and modern day references of Templar History, and modern Templar resources. The ebook is for sale at TemplarTreasureFound.com for $19.95 All the signs lead to a surprising conclusion.